Our Core Team brings skill and experience to all our Product and Service offerings

Our Technical services range from installation, maintenance and support to fully in sourced project consulting services . We also provide our customers with various technical solutions for their ICT infrastructure, from supporting operating system deployment to load balancing networks and servers.



We turn every workstation in your company into a fast and stable networking environment. We provide effective intranet connectivity and suitable, stable and scalable internet connectivity.

technical support

Hardware and Maintenance

We offer maintenance and repair of hardware, including server components, client PC components, printers, machine upgrades and driver maintenance.

operating system administration

Operating System Administration

Our Technical division specialises in the installation and administration of all popular operating systems, including all major Microsoft® Windows®, Linux and Unix® distributions

load balance solutions

Load Balanced Solutions

Server Load Balancing is a critical component of high availability, clustering, and fault tolerance, all of which provide the infrastructure for reliable Internet sites and large corporate networks.

business solutions

Business Solutions

Our technical division provides services like low-cost network fax servers, centralised database servers; automated backup solutions, anti-virus solutions and IT project management.

ict consulting

ICT Consulting

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants assist our clients in enhancing their current IT infrastructure.

project management solutions

ICT Project Management Solutions

The scope of our Project Management services entails risk analysis, cost analysis, estimates and financial control, role and responsibility planning, timeframe planning, quality control etc.