3CX Hosting for the 3CX Phone System

Modern day Cloud based PBX demand is growing rapidly. The 3CX Cloud Server is a product designed to host the 3CX Phone System for your customers and allow resellers to have full control of data and quality.

We offer customers a fully virtualized 3CX Phone System, together with the advanced enterprise features of the traditional PBX.

How does a 3CX Cloud Server work?

3CX Cloud Server is a separate edition of 3CX Phone System that allows you to host up to 40 separate 3CX Phone System instances on one Windows Server machine.


Each instance is entirely separate from the other. Because it runs on Windows Server 2012 and uses 3CX Phone System, you can leverage your existing windows knowledge without having to learn a new operating system or software platform to offer hosted PBX.

Connect each instance to its own dedicated SIP trunk or Gateway port and keep call billing perfectly separated for each customer. As a reseller, maintain close customer contact for PBX services, but outsource telecom call costs and billing to your SIP trunk provider of choice. As a SIP trunk provider, keep enjoying economies of scale by keeping control of the SIP trunks, but outsource PBX support and service to your resellers – allowing you to scale easily.

Special 3CX Cloud Server Features

For users of the system, the feature set is identical to the onsite edition. 3CX Cloud Server differs from a standard 3CX Phone System by allowing resellers to easily deploy and manage hosted instances of 3CX Phone System:

  • Manage all 3CX instances from a central console.
  • Allow companies to manage user settings with granular user access.
  • Easy deployment with Remote Provisioning.
  • Eliminate firewall and bandwidth issues with session border controller.
  • Easily configure a new 3CX Phone system Instance.
  • Backup all 3CX Phone System Instances.
  • Full VMware and Hyper-V Compatibility.
How to download a 3CX Cloud Server

Click BELOW to access the 3CX Cloud Server download form. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive an email with the 3CX Cloud Server download link.

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